The Almost Gone. A narrative game of exploration and mystery, where a little girl must understand her own death, allowing herself and others to pass through to the other side.

In June, 2015, the Dutch Literary Fund held an open call for literary games. Happy Volcano and writer Joost Vandecasteele each sought the expertise of the other and, with a little help from Lady Luck, found ourselves to be a perfect match, entering the call together. In July, we were among the five selected from almost 50 projects, tasked with developing the initial prototype of the game, and quickly; in December, we would have to convince a jury of our work. The Almost Gone was selected as one of the two finalists to receive the production budget.

Joost Vandecasteele

Joost is a Flemish author and theatre maker with a weakness for let’s plays and a dystopian vision that is very apparent in his work. We bonded immediately on a creative level.