Lava Fever



Happy Volcano
Leuven, Belgium
Release date:
Spring 2015
Apple App Store
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Lava Fever is a 2D action game on iOS about jumping into a volcano and surviving long enough to ultimately offer your soul to it. On the way down you navigate dangerous vents, filled with debris and unforgiving sharp walls. You have to reach the inferno of fireballs and misty clouds that is the magma chamber and offer your soul by plunging in the magma lake. You are now the hero you were always destined to be. A dead hero, but a hero nonetheless.


  • a nerve wrecking descent into the heart of the volcano
  • move fast and dodge fireballs, but stay clear of the sharp walls
  • a unique art style that pulls you into the action
  • random generated levels give you endless replayability
  • control the game by using the tilt-sensor or tapping the screen
  • randomly generated levels give you endless replayability
  • No obnoxious push notifications or F2P mechanics



Lava Fever - Official Teaser Trailer (2015)

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About Happy Volcano

Happy Volcano is a videogame studio located in Leuven, Belgium. They are currently working on The Almost Gone, a narrative exploration game in collaboration with author Joost Vandecasteele. The Almost Gone won Best Mobile game in the 2016 Belgian Game Awards. The company previously released Lava Fever a twitch action game for iPhone. Next to development of their own games, they also do work for hire for Belgium’s biggest brands.

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Team & Repeating Collaborators

David Prinsmel
Peter Maasen
Coder, Writer
Jeroen Janssen
Business Development, additional coding