Happy Volcano
Based in Belgium

Founding date:
December, 2013


Press / Business contact:
[email protected]


Lava Fever
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The Almost Gone
You Suck At Parking

Engels Plein 35/0101
3000 Leuven



Happy Volcano is an indie studio based in Leuven, Belgium that loves to make games. The studio released the critically acclaimed and award-winning The Almost Gone in 2020 and is currently working on You Suck at Parking, coming to Steam in 2022.


Early history

Happy Volcano is a game development studio founded by Jeroen Janssen , David Prinsmel & Peter Maasen in December 2013. Back then there wasn’t a company, just a drive to make games together. The trio met while working at a communication agency and discovered that each of them always wanted to make video games... but they never found the right partners. As an experiment to see if they could work on a game together and - most importantly - release it, they started on what they thought to be a simple three month project called Lava Fever. In the end it took them a year and a half, but they released a proper game on the App Store.

The Almost Gone

With the release of Lava Fever behind them, the decision was made to found a company and start working on the next game. They took three months leave from their daytime jobs and started prototyping different ideas. The trio ended the period with a small prototype that eventually turned into a game called The Almost Gone. At that time Flanders and the Netherlands were the host country of Frankfurt Book Fair. The Dutch Literary fund had an open call for game studios and established authors to make a literary game. They contacted Joost Vandecasteele and started improving on the prototype. The team won the grant out of 40 other companies. That same year they also applied for the VAF Gamefund pre- and production grants, and both were awarded. In between work for hire projects, they managed to finish The Almost Gone and finally released it in June 2020.

You Suck at Parking

In August 2020 they revealed You Suck at Parking, a frantic and silly physics based parking sim about knowing when to stop - literally. The game will be coming to Steam in 2022, and players can already participate in Alpha Access via the studio’s Discord.



[Dutch] David Prinsmel van gamestudio Happy Volcano over ultieme creativiteit en risico's YouTube


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You Suck at Parking Discord can be accessed here: discord.io/YouSuckatParking.

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