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Happy Volcano likes to think big when it comes to creativity and our games. We are looking for the best and brightest to join our passionate and supportive team to make games that create memories!

Data Analyst

Data Analyst

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Senior Unity Programmer / Team lead

Senior Unity Programmer / Team lead

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Data Analyst

Happy Volcano is looking for an expert data analyst to help us better understand our players and enhance their experience in-game. Your insights help decide and influence the development of the game and how the game’s live service operates. You identify and implement opportunities to optimize engagement, retention, and revenue. You have proven familiarity with live service games. This is the first position in the data department, an opportunity to build it from the ground up and set the foundations of a growing team.

You work through the game's entire life-cycle. From pre-launch balancing through post-launch player segmentation and will have a significant influence on game design.
You are looking for an opportunity to make your mark, working directly with the founders of the business to deliver on the analytics and Liveops goals, setting and delivering on key milestones, and using your experience and best in class approach to help create a truly fun and breakout hit game.

This position is full-time, with the option of working in-house at our Belgian office or remotely provided you can commit to working during CET ±2h. If working remotely you will be expected to spend time regularly in person, therefore you are willing to travel and stay in Belgium for multiple days at a time.

Your Skills

  • You have worked on at least one service based game before
  • Experience querying data sets to extract insights and spot opportunities
  • Strong problem-solving skills and creative solutions
  • Knowledge of best in class modeling techniques and statistical applications
  • Great communicator and able to visualize findings and share insight
  • Knowledge of the gaming industry, able to represent multiple audience perspectives
  • Experience with tools to manipulate data at volume: Python, R, Matlab, etc
  • Experience with A/B testing
  • Understanding of industry-standard metrics
  • Appreciation of how in-game economies work
  • Knowledge of using standard ML frameworks

Your Responsibilities

  • Creating and managing executive dashboards
  • Planning and executing A/B testing
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the in-game economy and proposing adjustments
  • Providing data-driven answers to ad-hoc queries to drive the product roadmap and live-ops initiatives
  • Providing comparative benchmarks for YSAP against public data
  • Proposing and providing ML models to enhance gameplay and LiveOps

What you'll get...

  • A full time position
  • An appropriate salary
  • A small team of friendly colleagues
  • An opportunity to grow and train new skills
  • A life outside the office, because seriously, work is not all that matters

Candidates from under-represented backgrounds are encouraged to apply

Senior Unity Programmer / Team lead

Happy Volcano is looking for an experienced Unity developer to join our team and help create kick-ass games with us.
We're working on a single and multiplayer live (GaaS) game called You Suck At Parking, coming out on PC, Xbox, PS, Switch and eventually mobile. It is a fun physics based racing game, with a lot of wacky obstacles, customizable cosmetics, an editor to make your own levels and much more. We plan to keep You Suck At Parking alive for years to come, with constant updates, rotating tracks, DLC with added gameplay mechanics, new multiplayer modes,...

As part of the development team, you’ll have your hands in every technical aspect of the game’s development. You’ll help improve the game’s stability, create new gameplay mechanics, implement and improve features, optimize for different platforms, in short: help us realize our ambition for You Suck At Parking and many games to come.

This is also an opportunity to take a leading role in our company. Not only will you provide technical guidance for our team of junior and senior programmers, you’ll also be the point of contact for the design and art team.

We are excited about candidates who value efficiency, have a pragmatic approach to problem solving and an eagerness to get shit done. We're looking for someone who actively wants to be part of our team, has good communication skills and common courtesy.

You would be a great fit if...

  • You have strong familiarity with physics, AI and gameplay code
  • You have exceptional C# design -and programming skills
  • You love coding games and know how to make use of Unity
  • You pride yourself on writing clean, robust code
  • You know how to optimize games for performance
  • You have experience in developing for multiple platforms (desktop, console, mobile)
  • You’re an excellent communicator
  • You’re fluent in English

It would be even better if...

  • You're familiar with agile practices
  • You have experience with multiplayer game development
  • You are familiar with ECS pattern
  • You have experience with GIT/Bitbucket version control
  • You have basic knowledge of Photoshop
  • You're in a timezone roughly around CET (give or take a few hours)

What you'll get...

  • A full time position
  • An appropriate salary
  • A small team of friendly colleagues
  • A life outside the office, because seriously, work is not all that matters.

Candidates from under-represented backgrounds are encouraged to apply
Full or partial remote work is possible, depending on location.

Please fill in the form below and you’ll soon hear from us!

Working at Happy Volcano

Working remote or in-house

Happy Volcano is a hybrid studio with the option of working in-house at our Belgian office or remotely, provided you can commit to partly working during CET hours. We embrace remote work moving forward to give you the freedom to choose how you want to organize your day-to-day life according to your lifestyle and way of working.

Benefits and perks

Competitive pay

You get a competitive salary based on your experience, adjustable to the cost of living for where you’re based.

Time off

In addition to a minimum of 21 vacation days, the studio closes between 25 December and New Year. We use the official holidays of your place of living so you won’t have to miss friends and family during these important moments.

Make an impact

Being a small team means you can make a difference and help decide on how the product evolves. We believe every idea counts and can have a real impact on the games we make.

Learning opportunities

Your personal growth is important to us. There are numerous opportunities to enhance your individual development like 1:1 mentoring, access to courses, and attending industry events.


At Happy Volcano, we know that work is not all that matters. We foster a healthy and fulfilling environment that supports your lifestyle and helps you balance your career and personal life.

Inclusion and diversity

Diverse voices make our studio better, and we commit to creating a diverse and happy environment, from the ground up, where everyone is welcome.

Our online hiring process

All of our job openings are available as remote working opportunities. To accommodate this new and improved way of working, we moved our entire hiring process online. This is what it looks like:

  • Apply on our careers page for a job that matches your skills and interests. Make sure to add your CV or Linkedin and portfolio.
  • We’ll reach out if your experience and skills match our open vacancy to set up the first call to get context on your experience, personal goals, and what you could bring to Happy Volcano.
  • If there is a good match we move on to a second deeper, more technical interview. Depending on the position there might be a technical test, presentation, or task. We give you plenty of time to schedule and prepare. We want you to be as comfortable as possible and are open to all of your questions.
  • After each interview, we will give you feedback and let you know the next steps.
  • We try to move as quickly as possible, but sometimes timelines vary and we can’t always let you know how long your process will take.