Welcome to Happy Volcano’s job opportunities page.

Happy Volcano is a videogame development studio based in Leuven, Belgium. The applicants we are looking for are talented, independent team players with a good sense of humour. They are based in Belgium or willing to relocate.

If we are looking for people to join our team and you are looking to join one, you will find the opportunity of a lifetime below.

Our current vacancies

  • There are currently no open vacancies.
  • Recruitment agencies don’t need to apply.
  • We are not looking for music composers, audio people or anything to do with localisation.
  • We are currently not looking for contractors.


If you are looking for an internship you can use the form below to apply. Interns need to be able to be on site and complete their full internship at our studio.

We are currently fully staffed until beginning of Summer 2018.

No vacancy, but still think we should meet you?

Fill out the form below and let us know why.

Recruitment agencies don’t need to apply.

We value diversity and encourage under-represented groups to apply.