We got a short update for you this month. The team is still working on the same projects and not a lot of juicy stuff happening. But we do got some good news below!

Mega super secret client project

We finished the release candidate of the game and it is now being tested by the client and the publisher. If all goes well you should see it arrive in stores soon. We’re now starting to work on the first update which will bring new characters, levels and enemies.


Our sound guy Yves De Mey started working on the sound effects and soundscapes. We’re so happy with the result so far. We’re not going to share them yet, but expect and update soon! We also started working with a PR agency for our Gamescom appearance. It’s the first time we will be working on PR with an external agency. It’s time to find a publisher for our baby and we hope the PR campaign will bring the necessary attention to Winter.

 Leuven, a healthy city

We got selected for the second round, yay! The organisation asked us to make a video to show our project to the public. There will be a public vote later this month. We’ll make sure to annoy you to vote for us!

That’s all for now folks.

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