February is a short month, but a lot happened in these 28 days. Most importantly our creative director David joined us again after a month long touring his motorcycle in Vietnam. He drove all the way from south to north Vietnam. Luckily north Vietnam is quite cold this time of the year so the temperature shock wasn’t too hard when he returned.

David Prinsmel - Happy Volcano's art director touring in Vietnam

David Prinsmel – Happy Volcano’s art director touring in Vietnam


Jet lag however was not as easy to overcome, but that didn’t stop David to make good progress on our upcoming game Winter. All but one level has been mapped out with rooms, objects and the puzzles.

Winter maps

A few of the maps we made to chart puzzles and objects in Winter


On the visual side, we also took a big step forwards. The intro level and house level are now completely modelled and textured and the first concept art for the forest and shopping mall are done.

Winter 3D Models

The 3D models of the house level


We welcomed our first intern of 2017, Tom Rigolle. Tom worked on visual effects for Winter. He wrote a fading in/out shader to darken the scene the further back an object is, played around with volumetric lighting and added mist and blowing leaves particle effects. It’s now up to David to tweak those effects to get the mood exactly right.

Winter fog and lighting

Winter fog and lighting in the forrest level


Tom’s already proven that he’s well on his way to become an in-demand gameplay programmer. He started developing the new gameplay prototype of Stonebound. After the negative feedback, we got from the Flemish Audiovisual Fund, it was clear that we had to change course. We need a more exciting and original mechanic. And with Tom’s rapid prototyping we have found a promising new direction. We’re far from what it needs to be. We have a slightly too difficult, but exciting beginning of the game, but it tends to get boring in late game. We’ll continue iterating until we nail it.

Stonebound prototype

Stonebound prototype


Peter worked on a fun little advergame for Happiness, a communication agency in Brussels. We can’t tell you what brand it was made for until the campaign is over. But we did have the chance to work with the incredibly talented pixel artist Igor Sandman. He came up with some very fun little characters and the animations just make you laugh.

Next month we have an exciting new mobile game we are doing for a client so we won’t have a lot of time to work on Winter ourselves. The mobile game is aimed at younger gamers and promises to be exciting, silly and fun. More on that later. We’ll also be joined by two new interns Jasper and Lisa who will be working on the models and visual side of Winter.